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Mark McIntyre is the founder & CEO of 4 Multi-Million dollar companies. Mark has been in marketing for 20 years and is an expert at getting your message to your targeted prospects and boosting conversion rates. He has worked on over 1200 digital marketing campaigns and generated more than one million leads.

I established Go McIntyre to build a marketing plan with you.  We will train you and your team and fill in the gaps where needed. The courses and work we offer is hands-on, working inside your company, training you and your employees to get it right.  Whether you are revamping your business or building a new one we can get your marketing strategies in place and increase your bottom line.




Execute Digital Marketing Strategies

Go McIntyre was built to serve companies who want to maintain control of their brand but need help enhancing it. We are brand managers that help you with creating and executing your entire advertising strategy.  Our team will help you build your brand and make sure your leads have a soft landing spot to research as they move through the sales cycle.

We design social media marketing campaigns that keep your brand top of mind and increase profit. Our team has helped hundreds of companies large and small build their presence on social media.

Showing up in search isn’t an accident or a trick.  Content marketing continues to drive Google’s SEO Search algorithm. A natural blend of blogs, on-page content, social media, and news releases, tend to get the best SEO results.

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When you need an Advertising Agency, experience matters. Let us help you define what’s right for you.  We will get the proper tracking in place to make sure you are your ad spend works for you.  Whether you’re paying per click, per impression, per lead, or any other metric, we will make sure you have the data to make smart decisions.

Every sales team needs some structure. We build sales and marketing systems such as automated email marketing, CRM’s, and various online account-based marketing campaigns. Get a system that your sales team and your CFO will love.


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