Sales Training and Development Services

We provide sales training solutions that drive profit. Most of the time it’s not the people that are the problem. If your team needs some motivation, skills training, or mentoring, we can help. Go McIntyre provides value proposition, live training, sales scripting, visual presentation, sales management and metrics, development, and ongoing training. Set yourself up to win long term. Call to schedule a free consultation.

Sales training
Sales training

Value Proposition Development

The core of your sales and marketing campaigns is your value proposition or lack of one. The sad thing is that most companies haven’t taken the time to develop a consistent value proposition. If you are having trouble selling as an organization, this is the first place to look. You can build out your own with our book Dominate (amazon link) or we can work with you to build it out. There’s nothing more powerful than a team that is aligned behind a value proposition that matches their skill sets. Without a value proposition to drive your team, nothing will ever come easy. Take the time now, get started now.

Sales Training Live Web-Based and Onsite

I don’t care where you are right now, my team can take you to the next level. Sign up for live training via Zoom or on-site. We will move the needle in month one. This won’t be some generic, one size fits all nonsense. My team will specifically tailor the training to your team’s strengths and weaknesses. If that means secret shopping you and your competition to get some answers, then that’s what we’ll do. Growth isn’t free, and it doesn’t come if you don’t put in the work. Let’s make it happen. Call to schedule a free assessment.

Sales Script Development and Training

There is nothing more powerful than a salesman with a powerful script, a phone, and a list to call. If your team isn’t performing let us help, let me help. We’re not talking about your sales team reading off a bunch of nonsense word for word. Our sales training will give your team a message that sells. A month of once a week training will transform your sales team. Let’s make this happen. Call to schedule a free consultation. Put us to work today.

Live Remote Sales Training


Sales Presentation Training and Development

Sales presentation training is about teaching your prospect the value of your product or service. Don’t be a boring teacher. More importantly, don’t make your entire sales team boring teachers. Let us add some visual impact to your sales presentations. We are one of the top design firms in the country, Clutch 2020 excellence award winners. Our team creates sales decks that win sales or venture decks that get you funded. We will build the scripting in and when necessary, train your team to deliver the message clearly and effectively.

Sales Management and Metrics

Empower your sales management team with the numbers that matter to your organization specifically. The team at Go McIntyre has been providing Sales Training and KPI reporting implementation for over 10 years. We work in all major CRM platforms. Not all metrics matter, but if you don’t watch the ones that do, your team will fail. Let us give your sales management the tools to drive your sales numbers through the roof. Call to schedule a free consultation.