Branding and Design Services

Branding and design transform products and services from commodities into necessities in the eyes of the consumer. Whether you need to establish your brand and maintain it, the concepts are the same. Mark McIntyre has been in the brand and design business for over 20 years. After 20 years and 1200 clients, your brand is in good hands. I built Go McIntyre to serve companies who want to maintain control of their brand but need help enhancing it. We are brand managers that will get you where you need to be and then train you and your team to take over.

Brand Design
Brand Design

Branding Agencies

Traditional branding agencies can help you build a brand book and even set you up with a limited set of assets to get the ball rolling. Unfortunately, most of the time, you are on your own from there. At the Go McIntyre marketing agency your brand book, website, image library are just the beginning. From there we tune your team. Branding is about consistency, so if your team doesn’t have the tools and skill sets it takes to maintain a consistent message, you will be stuck in the commodity zone.

Branding and Value Proposition

The core value proposition is the brand. In the eyes of our clients, the value represents the brand, and the brand is the only choice to deliver that value. Most companies try to do too much and never become the answer for anything. We will help you take what your current clients love about you and turn it into a consistent brand message for the rest of your target audience. If you are a new company, we will help you create a message that wins your market.

Branding and Copywriting

Copywriting is all about taking your core value proposition building consistent short branded messages around it to entice your audience. 20 years of entrepreneurship teaches its share of lessons. We will help you get it right and train you or your team to make the right decisions. These copy decisions will drive your brand forward or leave you as just another option. Own your copywriting and become the obvious choice.

Branding and Design

Building a consistent brand requires design discipline. The brand book and library are your guides. Stay within the font choices. Keep your colors. Use the image library and you are well on the way to maintaining a solid brand. That is the cost of entry. To manage design for a brand that matters, you will need to do more. You will need to know the spirit of the gallery, the emotions. We will build out your brand book or teach you how to do it. Without a brand book, there is no brand.