Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a great way to present your business to your customers. You can leverage social media to get more visibility, close at a higher percentage and create a loyal base of clients that stand the test of time.  The team and management at GoMcIntyre has provided Social Media Advertising and Digital Marketing Agency Services to some of the largest organizations in the World.

After 20 year in the business of Social Media Marketing, we’ve seen the platforms come and go, but what is still obvious is Socials unmatched scalability. Get on a call and leverage our experience.  We can help you create or revamp your Social Media Marketing strategy and drive prospects, higher conversation and loyal clients and referrals for the next decade and into the future.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Increase Profitability and  Generate More Leads

Social Media Marketing and the various Digital Marketing tools have transformed our lives and more importantly our buying habits.  Even our vacations have now become marketing trips. Attention is king, and being human and authentic is the base of all of it. Even if only your tradition prospects see it at first Social Media Marketing can transform your conversion rates. The risk is almost zero.

Likes and comments are great, but I can't count the posts we have worked with that seemed like nothing was happening until our clients reported new deals coming in.  We have worked on recruiting campaigns for the USAF and LinkedIn for Intel Corporation on their B2B side and one thing that always sticks out is consistency.  Whether you have a dream of a podcast, need to hit your recruiting goals or lead generation numbers for next quarter, Social Media Marketing can help.

Mixing paid placement into your organic strategy will boost your odds and the pace of your success dramatically. Between AdWords and Social Media Marketing virtually any business with a  budget and a good to great product can predictably win in their marketplace. Social Media Marketing might be the missing piece that takes your business to the next level of profitability. Generating leads online and Raising conversion rates gives a business a chance to be thrive in any part of the world.

What’s the best way to define Social Media Marketing?

One of the most effective ways to improve conversion rate is through clever Social Media and Digital Marketing.  You can make use of Ads in social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, Reddit, and others.  In order to dial in your digital communication and get CPA numbers that dwarf tradition marketing.  The strength of  social media platforms is their user data and targeting.

How is Social Media Marketing different from other Digital Marketing Strategies?

Digital Marketing Strategies including Text Messaging, Email Marketing , SEO, SEM and other paid placement campaigns differ from Social Media Marketing in terms of pure scalability.   Everything works hand in hand and nothing beats digital to get your message out into the world and onto the screens of your prospects.

Your Brand needs Social Media Marketing or you wouldn't still be reading this page.  Schedule a call here or open any of the contact forms on this page to get more information.   No is the time to pick and leverage a few social networks to place your ads and drastically increase your profit.

Advertising versus Marketing

To make it simple we will call Social Media Advertising Paid Social Placement and Social Media Marketing organic Social Media Placement.  Organic versus Paid Social Media Marketing..  All clicks, views and likes are not equal.  The traffic you pay for can almost always be deeply targeted in your chosen Social Platforms advertising portal.  As a result, this paid targeting can transform your audience on the organic side also as your audience expands, the new paid audiences friends start to become organic traffic to you other content posts.

Social media marketing on the organic side requires quality, timely, authentic, content that engages users and makes browsing your content marketing fun.   The world is changing and the one off ad is dying.  Especially in services industries prospects want to see the faces behind the products they are buying.  You can do this with blogs, podcasts, explainer videos, motivational posts, quality recommendations, or any other form of content that engages your audience.  Driving organic engagement is a process and has a whole set of tools.  You can find some of my favorite tools in my blog, Social Media gives you a platform to interact with your past present and future. prospects.

Call to get more information about how Social Media Marketing can help your business grow.

The Power of Reviews to Provide Social Proof

There are over 4.62 billion social media users around the world. That being said, it's likely almost all of your large prospective buyers will check your companies Social Media Marketing on at least one platform before making a buying decision.  What does your social media presence say about you?   Sometime consistent social content and a great review strategy is all you need to take your business to the next level.

GoMcIntyre's Digital Marketing Agency Social Media Marketing team provides lead generation, increased profitability , online visibility, and strategy through social media ads and consisting and engaging social media management. We help businesses like you to get out of the most out of their Social Media  

Find out which social media platforms can help your business the most by getting on a call or joining our live zoom lobby now.

Why Social Media Marketing Must Be a Part of Your Business

Maximize Your Visibility Online and Eliminate a Road Block to Your Success. As your buyers move away from traditional media, into social media and your marketing needs to change with it.  Social Media Advertising will help get you a foothold where your prospects are spending their leisure and unfortunately for their bosses their work time. Every social media platform has it's own portal for ads with its own set of benefits and challenges. 

Your growth in this space will depend on picking the channel that more of your audience prefers to receive business information. Use paid Social Media Advertising, to grow your business revenue. increase conversion, and retain you clients for longer more profitable engagements. 

Paid social media advertising is a cost-effective way to create brand awareness and improve business lead generation.

Here’s how paid social media advertisement can help your business:

  • Encourage More Followers

    Paid Social Media Advertising for your business attracts the attention of your specific target audience. Compelling content will engage them and get hem to start a relationship with you.   The GoMcIntyre team has helped over 1500 clients over the years, including the one listed here.

  • Get to a Larger Audience

    Social media advertising helps distribute your posts to a larger audience by boosting your message to people that would normally never see your content. One of the biggest challenges for aging companies is the if its not broke don't fix it mentality. In fact if you are not bringing in the next generation of buyers/decision makers your business is slipping away.

  • Grow Your Conversion

    The ability of social users to comment on post and ads takes conversion to a new level.  The social contract established by social media creates an environment where the best value almost always wins.  That doesn't mean the lowest price, either.  Failure to manage social media over the past few years alone has cost some companies 100's of millions of dollars and gained others even more. Be ready for every prospect to check out your online profile before they make any large buying decisions.

  • Targeted Interest Based Eyes on Your Content

    Did you know that 58.4% of our population today spends 2 hours and 27 minutes on an average day on social media? This is what makes it a profitable channel for businesses as it promotes interaction and awareness. Facebook alone had more than 20 million active advertisers as of 2020.  Let that sink in.  Billions of people are on the network daily.

  • Good Source of Leads

    Social ads effectively convert viewers into customers.  Most social media advertising platforms will do some of the optimization for you.  But don't get  your audiences wrong. Without proper targeting all platforms can end up optimizing for non revenue generating user activity and bot hits.  We can help you get your targeting right including ages, genders, interests, and occupations, income level, and locations.  The ability to target so specifically makes Social Media Marketing the best choice for many businesses.

  • See KPI's Intuitively

    Virtually all Media Marketing Platforms have their own built in reporting.  Our company will help you find out what to look for and how to maximize your profits.

  • Get Specific

    One of the reasons why businesses appeal to customers is that give tailored solutions to their specific problems. Social media advertising for your business enables you to show the prospect exactly how your company fits their needs. Including all of the benefits they get from your brand. 

Data Driven Digital Marketing Agency

Perform at Your Greatest Potential Economically 

While social media has paved the for big stars in the industry, it can also be your greatest source of failure if not carefully curated.  Social Media Advertising requires careful research into your targeting and a great message to execute at a scalable rate.

GoMcIntyre Digital Marketing Agency has handled campaigns for influencers, corporations, government organizations, charities and small enterprises.  We deliver fantastic results. Our team has has delivered more than a million leads and untold revenue over the last 15 years in the Digital Marketing space.



Social Media Platforms: Which Platform Should You Use?

There will be more specifics below, but here is what we have found over the last decade.

The difference in audiences and activities of the various social media platforms enables businesses to find their prospects at any point during the sales cycle. This allows businesses to built trust, awareness, generate leads at a lower cost and ultimately grow at will. 

Here are some Social media statistics for the United States of America in 2022. There were 270.1 million social media users in the United States of America in January 2022. Feb 9, 2022. That is in the US alone!

You choose where to advertise on social based not only on whether your prospect on the platform. Additionally with Social Media Marketing, we test where our clients prospects are actually making the buying decision. Over the years, we have found that some platforms work better for services, and others for products. To have a deeper conversation bout where to focus set an appointment or check out our blog for more content.

At GoMcIntyre, we are committed to delivering outstanding results for our clients.

Most Used Platforms

  • Facebook

    Facebook remains the biggest fish in the social media world with an active user count of nearly 2.9 billion people. That makes Facebook, without a doubt,  the most popular social network on earth. Therefore it also makes sense that it remains the most important platform overall amongst marketers.

  • Instagram

    Around 71% of US businesses use IG for business. Overall over 200 million business use Instagram for advertising. What's more, 60% of people say they discover new products on Instagram. 31% of Instagram users are 18-24 years old.

  • Perks of Facebook in Business:

    Facebook is ideal for business-to-consumer and targeting an older audience tied to the platform to connect with their families. The older audience as well as detailed audience targeting can make advertising for product and certain personal services a no brainer.

  • Perks of Instagram in Business:

    Instagram offers its Instagram Shop where you can introduce your business and start your business. the image based feed and also influencer friendly algorithm creates a great place to advertise corporate products and build personal brands.

  • Twitter

    Twitter is famously used by big celebrities, politicians, business people, and other personalities. It ranks one of the best in social media advertising as have 206 million active users around the world. The Twitter platform is going through a restructuring and Elan Musk attempts to bring back to the forefront of Social Media

  • LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is regarded as the largest professional network in the world and has gained 810 million members in over 200 countries. A study suggests that there are over 645 million active users on this social network. It offers a great value for B2B Marketers it is able to target users by job title, location, company type, etc.  It is the largest and most accurate business data base today.

  • Perks of Twitter in Business:

    Twitter will help you reach audiences worldwide by enabling you to share  your business to your target customers through tweets and ads. Twitter has been in the news for all of its political leanings over the years. Expect that to change over the next few years.  Musk is likely to reinvent this platform and as a result create a valuable way for more businesses to succeed on the platform.

  • Perks of LinkedIn in Business:

    This Platform more than any other allows businesses to laser target prospects by their job titles, experience, company type and job duties. Therefore. for consistent B2B marketing LinkedIn can be a game changer. But, one of the downsides is that users are not engaged as much on the platform as some of the other Socials.

  • TikTok

    TikTok popularized the hit songs and snappy videos performed in a short time. Consequently, It ranks 3rd place among the fastest-growing brands in 2020 However, this platform is much more than just a space to share one’s talent, it's also works great for creative, fun, business ads

  • Pinterest

    There are over 431 million reported active users on Pinterest. Hence this platform is growing big and continues to help a business flourish while educating their users. With the ads displayed on this platform, you can attract more potential customers. Being an advertiser on Pinterest will require you to pay for placement for every product pin.

  • Perks of TikTok in Business:

    TikTok Shops for business owners and boosts sales with the creative ads it displays to its million viewers. TikTok provides useful tips on how you can encourage your target audience to become your follower and turn them into customers.

  • Perks of Pinterest in Business:

    Pinterest intensifies your chance in social media advertising by increasing your brand’s authority. It can effectively propel traffic to your website and help you promote your business by running ads and pinning your products or services. Pinterest marketing works great for house hold and food products.

CPI's in Social Media Advertising

How Much Should You Pay To Make An Impression or Get a Click?

If you’re one of the many business owners who think social media advertising is expensive you might be wrong.  Did you know that at least 34% of small businesses use social media advertisements along with 49% of larger businesses?  This shows a great percentage of businesses rely on and trust social media ads online. Here are some basics for each platform.

Advertisement on Facebook

Facebook offers 4 bidding options like CPC, CPM, CPL, and CPA. So the amount you will per depends on the campaign goal your pick. The price also depends on your campaign’s objective, niche, and length. However, the average cost $1.68 per click across all industries according to Google 12/11/22. 

Advertisement on Twitter

Like Facebook, the cost of advertisement depends on the SMA you use. If you also want an advertisement to trend, you may need to pay $200,000 per day. For account promotion, you can go as little as $2 to $4 per day and 50 cents to $2 per new follower if you want your tweet to be promoted. 

Advertisement on Instagram

The cost of an Instagram advertisement depends on your choice of bidding model. The cost for CPC or cost-per-click usually ranges from 50 cents to $1 per click.  However, for the CPC or cost-per-impression, it’s higher by comparison to Facebook as it averages about $6.70 for every 1000 impressions. 

Advertisement on LinkedIn

Since LinkedIn is the largest network for professionals, its pricing differs. The minimum cost-per-click starts from $2 and $ 5.26 on an average. As for the CPM, it averages $33.80 for every 1000 impressions. The pricing is reasonable for effectively building brand awareness and also generating leads. 

Advertisement on TikTok

The social media platform TikTok charges $10 for every 1000 views or cost-per-impression which is higher when to Instagram and also Facebook. If you’re planning to put up an online campaign on this platform, you’ll be required to pay $500 on a minimum campaign. 

Advertisement on Pinterest

The cost-per-impression on Pinterest will cost you $2 to $5 per 1000 views. Pinterest also offers a boost on online engagement which would cost you 10 cents to $1.50 for every engagement made.

Advertisement on Reddit

Aside from different advertising approaches, Reddit offers bidding that starts from $0.20 per bid. The cost differs depending on your competitor’s target audience. On average, it will only cost you $5 to advertise in a day. 

GoMcIntyre’s Services

Grow your Business Starting Today!

  • Social Media Marketing

    We at GoMcIntyre, offer outstanding Social Media Marketing services. With our services, you can reach out to your target audience as well as keeping them engaged, and then turn them into clients. We create high performing and also beautiful ads that drive profit.

  • Social Media Management

    GoMcIntyre doesn’t work only work with influencers on catchy social media campaigns.  We also guide our traditional clients to create world class online visibility. From building undeniably powerful campaigns to display ads on social networks, we’ll make sure you make smart business decisions along the way.

  • Brand Management

    World class brand management specifically for social media advertising channels like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. We give voice to your brand and help you create measurable results that will make your CFO or CPA proud. We start by producing engaging content for your brand, then help you reach your prospects, promote your brand, and generate new prospects quickly.

  • CRM Implementation Solutions

    We help customers take control of the KPI's in their business. With our CRM Implementation solutions, we provide custom case specific CRM optimization. A solid CRM instance also allows a business can get a handle on key workflows and KPI's. These metrics allow business leaders to make intelligent business decisions about sales and marketing related budgeting.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    A solid of social media presence will feed what Google calls social signals in SEO.  Your social links and presence will tie into your search ranking and drive your business or not. GoMcIntyre helps businesses dominate in the industry by helping create engaging content and effectively posting on the different social media platforms. To make sure your brand stays on top of google search, we have built a system that leverages Social Media Marketing.

  • Web Design

    Your Digital Storefront should be fast, responsive and deliver sticky engaging content. That content should be compelling to users and well as Google and the other relevant search engines. GoMcIntyre provides gorgeous web and content platforms focused on responsive, user friendly, content rich design. experience.

  • Fun Videos

    Video ads should be poppy, fun and/or instructional. GoMcIntyre, makes sure that every detail in your video ads is brand consistent.  At the same time, engaging, with calls to action to your target audience.

  • Creative Content

    GoMcIntyre helps you to get maximum return of investments through sticky, fun, content on social media. By providing fun and needed information, we can power your business’ growth and improve your ranking on search with the right keywords.

  • Generate Quality Leads

    Every campaign we produce generates quality leads. We do this by creating world class imagery and messaging that pulls your prospects into your sales funnel.  We create a scalable long term Lean Marketing Growth System for your business.

Go Mcintyre As Your Partner in Social Media Advertising

Improve Your Sales And the Overall Quality of Your Leads

GoMcIntyre Digital Advertising Agency is one of the most trusted and recognized social media advertising agencies in the USA.  Our Team has been focused on Social Media Marketing for over 15 years.  As a result, we continuously help businesses grow their Digital Marketing and especially their revenue.

Here’s our promises and what you can always expect once you engage us.

  • Increase in Sales

    Our agency exists to help businesses get maximum sales and specifically profit growth. In addition, We make sure you’re involved in the process and your goals are reflected in the advertising strategy that we will co-create.

  • Up-to-date Tracking

    Our team will give you an up-to-date report of your advertisement’s status monthly or weekly. This also will enable you to monitor the performance and effectiveness of the campaign as well as enable us to take necessary actions to optimize the overall results.

  • Real-Time Metrics

    Whether you want to know your conversion status or campaign, we can provide a reliable report based on data analysis to help you secure your investment and measure your performance in order to make significantly better business decisions.

  • Seasoned Consultants

    Our team is composed of seasoned professionals that are experts in different fields of marketing and consulting services.  That's why our ownership team still gets involved in every campaign. No one on the team as of writing this content has less than 10 years experience in the Digital Marketing space.

  • Customized Built Strategies for Paid Advertising

    What works with others may not work with you. That’s the essence of building customized and even more profitable advertising strategies. We focus of your key KWI's and make sure the campaign stays on target.

  • Expert in Social Media Advertising

    Getting the best Social Media Marketing. We will enhance the credibility of your brand and also improve awareness. GoMcIntyre provides ads and campaigns for social media that will smash it for your business.