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Digital Marketing Agency, Go McIntyre is a blended agency. 10 years in the digital demand generation space and the business acumen built out of 20 years of entrepreneurship combine powerfully to drive your business forward.

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Web Design and Branding

Brand management and web design come first. Without a consistent presence, digital marketing and otherwise, all of your campaigns will suffer. We will help you build your brand and make sure your leads have a soft landing spot to research as they move through the sales cycle. Beautiful websites, consistent messaging, and a first-class brand will take your product or service from a commodity to the only intelligent choice to provide a solution in the minds of your prospects. Creating an amazing brand and the web properties is easy and will pay dividends for years to come. For web design, think fast, mobile-optimized, content-rich sites that will drive your prospects to convert. For a brand, think consistent, look, feel, and message to make sure your prospect connects your brand as the obvious choice to fill their needs.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a second home to the western world. While one message can make a company from nothing, that’s rare. What works all the time is consistent social media and digital marketing and an emphasis on engaging your audience. We can design a social media marketing campaign that will keep your brand top of mind and increase profit. Our team has helped hundreds of companies, large and small, build their presence on social media. Our experience ranges from Intel, the USAF, The Spanish Trade Commission, and the City of Hong Kong, to local businesses and hotels. Whether it\'s engaging with influencers, communicating with your clients, or driving new business, we have you covered and can train your team to take over sometimes within a few months.

Go McIntyre Digital Marketing Agency is a blended agency. 10 years in the digital demand generation space and the business acumen built out of 20 years of entrepreneurship combine powerfully to drive your business forward.

Content Marketing and SEO

Content marketing continues to drive Google's SEO Search algorithm. A natural blend of blogs, digital marketing, on-page content, social media, and news releases, tend to get the best SEO results. We also build consistent on-topic content for our clients large and small. Showing up in search isn’t an accident or a trick. Page one results are a science and take a balanced content strategy. Over the years, our digital marketing agency team has helped our clients rank at the top of search results for thousands of words. We are small, but we are mighty. Look to us for SEO content strategies that engage your audience, improve search traffic, and separate you from your competition. Our digital marketing agency can initially provide service as a done for you, then transition when done to you. We train your team and hand over the keys when they are ready.

Digital Advertising Agency

When you need an Advertising Agency, experience matters. Performance-driven digital marketing and advertising is here to stay. The key metrics are different for every company. Let us help you define what’s right for you and get the proper tracking in place to make sure you are wasting your ad spend. We also specialize in Amazon, Google Shopping, Google AdWords, Paid Social Posting, and Influencer Marketing. The Advertising recipe is different for every product or service.

All advertising should be data-driven. We will help you put the system in place to follow the data to where it leads. Our advertising clients have included Lending Tree, H&R Block, Quicken Loans, and The USAF, industrial manufacturers, consultants, and small businesses. Where ever you are, we can help you take the next step. Whether you're paying per click, per impression, per lead, or any other metric, we will make sure you have the data to make smart digital marketing decisions.

Sales and Marketing Systems

We build sales and marketing systems such as automated email marketing, CRM’s, and various online account-based marketing campaigns. Every sales team needs some structure. Get a system that your sales team and your CFO will love. A proper digital marketing system will include the following:

  • Consistent email to your entire database.
  • Remarketing to site visitors with display ads.
  • A proper script built from your most successful salesperson.
  • Secret shopping both inbound and outbound.
  • Sales Activity Reporting.
  • A properly used CRM and Marketing Automation Platform.

If you need help implementing any part of the above, we as a digital marketing agency, can help. We can work in any CRM whether it be an open-source, SalesForce, HubSpot, or any other. The systems are different but the goal is always the same, get more sales. The same is true for email marketing and automation systems. We can deploy one-off and long-term email marketing campaigns as necessary. In addition, we can help your team properly communicate with leads and drive more sales.

Branding and Design Services

Branding and design transform products and services from commodities into necessities in the eyes of the consumer. Whether you need to establish your brand or maintain it.  The concepts remain the same.

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Digital Marketing Agency Services

Go McIntyre Digital Marketing Agency is a marketing and training agency. 10 years in the digital demand generation space and the business acumen built out of 20 years of entrepreneurship combine powerfully to drive your business forward.

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Copywriting and Content Marketing Services

We love copywriting and content. A great story and a compelling call to action will always drive sales.  Copywriting should get attention, but not just any attention.

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Management Consulting

Go McIntyre was built to provide management consulting for small to medium corporations and venture firms. Our categories of expertise are as follows:

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Business Brokerage

Business brokerage when and where you need it. Sometimes it’s time to sell, sometimes it’s time to walk away, sometimes it’s time to run. Which is it for you? Let us evaluate and if appropriate list and sell your business.

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Search Engine Optimization SEO

Our internet marketing experts will work with you to develop a strategy that will help you get more traffic and business from your website or social media marketing.

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Social Media Marketing

You can leverage social media to get more visibility, close at a higher percentage and create a loyal base of clients that stand the test of time. We can help you create or revamp your Social Media Marketing strategy.

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Web Design

Having a outstanding web design strengthens your digital presence and smashes your less modern competitors in the virtual marketplace. World class digital marketing is not possible without the right content and features to enhance the prospects experience. 

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Sales Training and Development Services

We provide sales training solutions that drive profit. Most of the time it’s not the people that are the problem. If your team needs some motivation, skills training, or mentoring, we can help.

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