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Simple and Highly Effective Testimonial Strategies You Can Use to Grow Your Brand

A great product or service that people need and a solid web presence is not enough. Prospective buyers can be skeptical. Add social proof to lower your prospect’s perceived risk and increase your conversion rates.

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Team Goals – Punch Today in the Face

Team Goals. Not everything can be measured at the end of a single day.  But not measuring at all is the recipe for disaster.  So the real question is what do “YOU” need to measure every day in order to smash it out of the ballpark on a consistent basis.

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The Use of Imagery in Your Branding Strategy

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Visuals and Your Branding Strategy
Visuals are a key piece to effective branding strategy.  Think about social media, the first thing that is seen is the image.  While images have always been important, they are even more so now.Studies have shown that 80% of the information that goes into the brain is visual.  This means your […]

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The Importance of Choosing Fonts for Branding Purposes

Best Marketing Agencies Best Marketing Agencies

Branding 101 What Fonts Fit Your Brand?
Choosing a brand font is not a quick decision to make to have something to check off the list.  Fonts speak about a brand on every asset and piece of collateral.  Did you know that people will form an opinion on the visual alone before ever looking at the […]

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Making the Hard Things Easy

Personal story. As some of you know, I run 3 miles every other day and have what most would consider a very intense and strict work out.  I fit more in a 12-minute daily super-set, than most people do in an hour at a gym.  I will get to the details in a minute, first let’s talk about how to make anything that’s currently hard, easy.

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Productivity – Never Skip Measurement Time

Measurement time is what holds productivity together.  The more you let it slide the less your team respects you or themselves.  If you are managing a team or even just managing yourself its time to fall in love with reporting. 

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Design Tips That Will Build Your Brand

Remove Design clutter, less is almost always more. Take out some elements and simplify them. A website is your virtual storefront it is how potential customers make assessments about your brand. If it is busy, cluttered, and disorganized it will reflect poorly.

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Great Copy Writing to Maximize Profit

Copywriting is everywhere from ads, movies, articles you read, even the podcasts you listen to.  Every form of content is centered around great copy.  There is a significant difference between words and copywriting. Great copywriting informs and engages your audience.  Using great content and copy will help your business dominate your marketplace.

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